Frequently Asked Questions​

Let us answer all of your questions

Where can I get groceries?

There's a magnificent little grocerystore right in the middle of our beautiful village. Otherwise you can drive directly to Lana or Nales and you'll get whatever you want.

Looking to go during the summer of next year. Any tips for that? What is the best time?

Anytime is best at franz&mathilde!

What kind of room is best for my needs?

Good question. It's probably best, if you write us directly (see the email down below). We'll gladly take care of your needs and provide you with some useful information about our humble abode.

What about Laundry?

You can take care of your laundry at franz&mathilde. We do have a glorious washing machine. 🙂

How's public transport?

It's alive and well! South Tyrol owns a broad public transport network, feel free to look it up at → Südtirol Mobilität

CAN I rent a car at your place?

Yes, we cooperate with a local company, so its easy for you to reach the Dolomites anytime you want.

Don't worry all your questions will be answered upon arriVal.

Or write us an email, that's cool too.